Would You Like to Spend a Romantic Evening in Sydney Harbour?


Have you been contemplating what to do on your next anniversary? Maybe you would like to propose to the love of your life. If you live in Sydney, you live in one of the most romantic spots on earth. With the water and harbour close by, you can plan an unforgettable night.

Sail on an Historical Ship

Early settlers influenced Sydney’s current activities by introducing timber sailing vessels. These vessels are still used for cruises and dinners on the harbour. If you want to end a day with a romantic escape, this is the way to do it. You can choose from various Sydney Harbour dinner cruise activities. Therefore, there is a cruise to suit just about anyone’s preferences and tastes.

For example, you can enjoy a dinner cruise on a three-masted barquentine. You can choose to cruise during lunch or dinner too. For example, whether you choose to set sail at midday or at twilight, you can begin the meal with taste-tempting cuisine such as spinach and cheese triangles. Enjoy a salad of roast pumpkin, sunflower seeds, and coconut or savour potato salad.

Some of the Main Dishes

Main dishes featured on a lunch or dinner cruise include sweet potato and eggplant combined with tomato and lentils or mildly spiced chicken covered with mushrooms, Spanish onion, and baby spinach. Chocolate gluten-free brownies are offered for dessert.

Do You Like Champagne?

Maybe you would like to enjoy a champagne brunch cruise. If so, you can enjoy dishes such as smoked salmon salad with lime mayo, chives, and Turkish bread. Feast on brown rice and pumpkin veggie bites or an egg salad and bacon cocktail roll enhanced with honey mustard. You can also enjoy cocktail beef sausages with herb relish and tomato.

Would You Like to Book a Tour?

Whenever you decide to set sail, you are literally in for a treat. You can also go to the same cruise provider to schedule one of various tours. Maybe you would like to participate in laser clay shooting and a mast climb. If so, you can satisfy your competitiveness. Perhaps you would like to take part in a pirate cruise experience or get caught up in whale watching.

Overnight Sailings

Cruises also feature overnight sails, which are great for couples who would like to celebrate a special anniversary. If you choose the overnight cruise, bookings are taken for a maximum of 14 guests. Therefore, you can enjoy a certain amount of privacy. Whether you are seeking adventure on the high seas or want to explore various taste sensations, you will find that a cruise is the ideal way to spend your leisure time.

Add a Cruise in Sydney to Your Bucket List

How do you want to spend your time and make the most of it? Whether your live or visit Sydney, you cannot bypass a once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience. You will not only experience an unforgettable time but you can also add this activity to your bucket list. Once you take a cruise, you will be hooked. You will want to travel the seas frequently.