What to See When Taking a Walking Tour of Greece


What can be said about Greece that hasn’t already been said?

The difficulty in trying to find something new to say about one of the foundations of Western Civilization is a testament to how old and storied Greece is. With thousands of years of history attached to the country, it is easily one of the most historic nations, not just in the West but in the whole world. What’s more, the literature, theatre, and philosophy of Ancient Greece aren’t just old – for Western audiences, they’re essential. Ancient Greco-Roman as well as Judeo-Christian texts form the foundations of Western literature, philosophy, and culture, and Greece has seen all of those traits exemplified on its shores in some form or another.

Add to that the incredible beauty of Greece’s Aegean and Ionian coastlines, the enduring popularity of Greek cuisine, and the multicultural nature of modern Greek life, and it isn’t hard to see why Greece remains one of the great tourist destinations in the world.

With Greece walking tours, you can experience the Greece in a whole new way.

Ancient Greek Sites

First and foremost, you’ll want to take the time to visit some of the most culturally resonant sites in the world, namely, those belonging to Athens, Sparta, Crete, and the other heavy hitters of the Ancient Greek world. For fans of military history, the ancient ruins of Sparta are a must see. More than 2300 years after their heyday, the Spartans still stand as one of the most storied military forces in history. Athens, by contrast, was home to much of the classical Greek culture that the world has known and loved for millennia. You’ll be able to see the sites that were once host to philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, and Epictetus. You’ll have the chance to walk past the ancient theatres that saw the birth of Western Theatre with the plays of Euripides, Aristophanes, and Sophocles. From the theatres and the Parthenon in Athens to the Tholos of Delphi, home to the famed Oracle of Delphi, it’s no wonder why these Ancient Greek sites are and remain must-sees.

Modern Greece

That being said, for as astounding as Ancient Greek civilisation might be, the fact remains that it’s the twenty-first century, not the fourth century B.C.E. It’s vital to remember, therefore, that modern Greece has an identity of its own, and an incredibly colourful and vibrant one at that. You’ll thus want to take the time to enjoy a walking tour of modern Athens, and see the city in all its contemporary splendour. What’s more, you’ll want to enjoy the Greek seascape from island to island, coast to coast, enjoying classic Greek cuisine, music, and wine every step of the way. Taking a walking tour of the Greek countryside can be a great way to blend the past and future, enjoying the enduring natural beauty that inspired the poetry of Homer, and which remains enduringly beautiful today.

With a walking tour, you can enjoy an odyssey around Greece like never before.