Mistakes to Be Taken Care of While Selecting A Conference Venue


Organizing a conference could turn out to be a very difficult task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Hence, it is necessary that you do not make mistakes and take every step in it with utmost care. You must research well and then analyze your options and therefore, make your choice accordingly.

Here are some of the common mistakes which must be avoided while selecting the venue for the conference:

Poor lighting

The conference hall chosen by you must provide you with appropriate lighting facility. There should be no lack in lights and comfortable, reading and learning atmosphere must be developed in the salle congrès équipée. There should be pouring in of natural lighting from outside and proper arrangements should also be made for artificial lighting. The entire hall must be well lighted up and there must not be lack of proper lighting in any part of the room.

Insufficient washrooms

It is necessary that the location chosen by you for the conference has appropriate number of washrooms for the delegates. There should be any lack of washrooms and you surely would not like to see a queue waiting outside the washroom during the conference. Hence, depending upon the number of delegates appearing for the conference, appropriate number of washrooms must be available in the venue. It is also important that proper water and tissue facility is also available in the washrooms to provide easy and a comfortable stay for the delegates during the conference.

Uninformed staff

The staff summoned to attend the delegates must be prepared and well informed in advance about the conference. They must be prepared with all the necessary available inputs which are required during the conference and hence, must practice well before and be well aware of each and every part of the venue chosen for the conference. The staff must be well dressed and formalized to add a touch of professionalism into the conference and make it look well-organized for all the visiting delegates.


It is important that you do not make some common mistakes which could turn your well-organized conference into a disaster. Hence, care must be taken in advance and these common mistakes which people make quite often must be avoided to ensure that the conference turns out to be a successful one and the purpose for which it is organized is fulfilled.